...oder wie Hillary Clinton gegen sich selbst antritt

11. November

Ich habe mich vor einiger Zeit mit einer meiner Seniorinnen über die erste Presidential Debate unterhalten. Sie sagte mir: "I watched the debate between Hillary and Clinton. Hillary was very good but I think that Clinton is a crazy guy. He is not going to win." Laut meiner Seniorin trat Hillary also gegen sich selbst an (und das hätte mich nach diesem verrückten Wahlkampf fast auch nicht mehr gewundert).

Zwei Debatten und eine Election später steht jetzt allerdings fest, dass Clinton aka. Trump der 45. Präsident der USA sein wird. Und zu diesem nicht ganz so feierlichen Ereignis haben sich auch viele meiner Senioren geäußert (Chicago ist so gut wie zweigeteilt - im Norden wohnen mehr "Caucasians", im Süden mehr "African-Americans"):


Miss B.: "I do not know who to vote for. But I will definitely not vote for the Democrats because they allow abortions and I'm against that. Abortions are murder."

Miss B.: "I hate when people say that Obama was the first black president. He is not even black, he is biracial. But people don't understand that. Anyways, Obama was a good guy. He had a very nice smile and I took a photo with him when he came to our building a few years back. Trump also came here but nobody told us!! So I don't vote for him."

Miss C.: "Trump got elected, but what can we do now? I did like the speech that he gave and maybe he will be a good president after all. We just have to wait."

Mister A.: "Oh, there's an election?"


Miss T.: "People say very nasty things about Trump now. But he's a racist and he is against everyone who is different from him. So he earned the hate."

Miss A.: "I am very unhappy with this result."

Miss D.: "I had to turn the TV off, because I got sick to my stomach. This morning I saw that Trump won and I cried."

Miss F.: "I hope Trump gets assassinated. And if not, I will do it myself."

Miss A.: "Trump is ugly. But he's rich. That's why he has such a beautiful wife. Nobody would like to be with him if he was poor... No money, no honey!"

Miss A.: "I am sure that Trump will blow us black people up if he becomes the president. We'll have to fear for our lives."

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